Commercial Food Equipment Michigan

A new year full of Energy

We love the start of a new year, always filled with so much drive. Are you feeling that extra energy? Check out how the equipment we distribute can enhance your kitchen energy throughout the whole year.

Commercial Oven Repairs

How is your commercial oven looking? It’s the time of year when we deep clean equipment and plan out what the year will look like. Sometimes we all need a refresher on what to look for when cleaning equipment. Below we linked a guide to cleaning your commercial oven! See if your team is keeping up with its necessary cleaning.

Frozen Food Industry Growth

Calling all frozen food industry businesses! Yes, your superstores. There’s no question that pre-made or take-home food has become increasingly popular with the pandemic. But, it’s predicted that the growth will not stop with the slowdown of restrictions but continue to grow in a positive direction. Check out how you can develop your company’s frozen food needs to meet the industry’s growth.

LFED Commercial Food Equipment