Leach Food Equipment Distributors

LFED provides equipment for many different food equipment industry segments. We specialize in supplying premium brands of food equipment to the following industries.


We can source automatic meat slicers, manual meat slicers, and much more. Get in touch with our team to get started today.

Grocery and Food Stores

Locating solutions for refrigeration systems, scales, meat slicers, and so much more is at the heart of our work. Contact us for all your equipment needs.  

Convenience Stores

In need of display cabinets, warming stations, compact booster water heaters, and other equipment? We can supply you with these items and much more. 

Wholesale and Retail Meat, Seafood and Produce Markets

We specialize in high-quality equipment for meat, seafood, and produce retailers. Consider contacting us for meat grinders, freezers, weight stations, and more. 

Wholesale and Retail Bakeries

Save your dough and let us help you with your bakery needs! We have solutions for mixers of all sizes, scales, racks, packaging/wrapping stations, etc. 

Warehouse Clubs

Our sales representatives are trained to help you with all your needs, from the front of your store to the back. Cooking equipment? We got it. Mixers, slicers, food processors? We have those, too, just let us know how to help. 

Club Stores

All your store’s needs can be met at LFED. We provide solutions for commercial refrigeration systems, storage and transport, food and beverage, and even janitorial supplies. Give us a call or write to us to let us know how we can serve you.


LFED delivers much more than industrial kitchen equipment. Consider having us help you with facility maintenance, tools of all kinds, safety products, etc. We have solutions for just about anything you need.

Specialty Retailers

Wrapping stations, commercial dishwashers, convection ovens, steamers, and countless other products is what we do. Stop searching and save time today by getting in touch with us.

How we help you grow:

Through our Food Retail Wholesalers and a network of Authorized Resale brands Leach Food Equipment Distributors provides 13 brands for all of your wholesale food needs.


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