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November Highlights

It’s the season to savor! As the holiday banquet season approaches, LFED is your go-to source for all your commercial food equipment needs. Our equipment will help ensure your banquets are extraordinary. Let’s make this holiday season unforgettable!


Premium Brands from LFED!

Did you know that we carry more than a dozen premium brands in food equipment? We proudly offer top-quality kitchen products from the top brands. Elevate your kitchen game with these trusted brand:

  • Vulcan for durable cooking gear
  • Centerline for keeping things fresh
  • Hobart for precision and efficiency
  • Many others!


Mind Your Griddle!

Over the past couple of years, everyday Americans have learned what the food industry has known for decades: griddles are a must-have piece of equipment for whipping up kitchen delights. But maintaining your griddle is essential for its longevity and efficiency. This month, we highlight tips on taking care of your griddle. Don’t skip the necessary maintenance it needs!

Industry News & Tips

Restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and all types of businesses in the food industry operate on the margins. It is essential that you avoid downtime by maintaining your equipment. We are committed to helping you remain profitable by continuing to share news and tips that will help you stay afloat.

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