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LFED now distributes Dough Tech products

Now Distributing!

LFED now distributes Dough Tech products!

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Industry News

Restaurant Industry Stall

We know it’s important to understand what different industries we distribute through have going on. The report below shows that “stall” currently happening in the restaurant industry and breaks down those contributing factors. Check out more of the analysis below.

Food Safety Tips

Food safety should be one of the top priorities for any food industry-related company. Each piece of equipment has important safety understandings that can improve the functionality of your kitchen. Check out the case study below to understand the importance of labor savings and food safety.

LFED Service

Stop Loosing Money on you Water Bills

Are your water bills through the roof? Try out these few tips on how to save on your bill. From Energy-Star equipment to updates on your equipment, you’ll be thankful you spent the time making these few changes.

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