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Baxter Mini-Rack Oven

Bake, roast, rethermalize—the Baxter Mini-Rack Oven does it all with ease! Crafted with the robust and durable construction Baxter is known for, this oven is both strong and dependable. It also enhances efficiency by reducing the energy used during the cooking and baking processes. Despite its compact size, this mini rotating oven offers a space-saving design without compromising the capabilities of its full-sized counterpart!

Key Features:

  • Steam Control: All ovens include our patented,self-contained spherical cast steam system. The steam combines with our unique airflow system to provide even heat dispersion throughout the oven.

  • Precision Airflow: Ensure consistent heat from top to bottom, both in gas and electric models. Our system draws air across the burner or elements, then maximizes heat transfer into the oven chamber. A rotating carrier inside works with the airflow to ensure even product.

  • Heat Exchanger (gas models only): Tubes within the heat exchanger are made without welds for better heat distribution and durability. We warranty the heart of a gas oven for 10 years.

  • Digital Controls: Operation is a snap with the“Quick Set” feature. Program settings for up to 99 recipes – each with up to four steps.

Product Highlight: Baxter Mini-Rack Oven

World Baking Day

World Baking Day will be celebrated on May 17th –are you ready?! This day is a delightful occasion for baking enthusiasts and novices alike to whip up their favorite treats. It’s a day to spread joy and love through the universal language of baked goods, encouraging people to bake a cake, pie, or batch of cookies and share them with friends and family.

What better way to mark the holiday then to whip up a big batch of treats for your customers with a Hobart Spiral Mixer? Check out how this product can get you ready for World Baking Day!

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Chill Out with LFED Refrigeration Solutions

As the warmer months draw near, it’s essential to ensure your refrigeration equipment is functioning optimally. If you’re encountering any issues with your refrigeration systems, now is the perfect time for an upgrade. Centerline™ by Traulsen provides exceptional commercial refrigeration solutions for every kitchen, ensuring outstanding temperature control and reliability!

Don’t sweat the warm season ahead. Stay cool with products from LFED all year long!

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