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After 22+ Years, We’re Just Getting Started

Although we’ve been in the food equipment distribution industry for more than two decades, we’re just starting to lay the foundation for our business. Our markets span 11 states in the Midwest and we’re endeavoring to grow our footprint this year.

Whether you’ve been with us since the founding of LFED or you’ve recently learned about our services, we’re here to support your goals. Give us a call, shoot us an email, stop by one of our retail locations, or message us via our website to connect with us today!


Belshaw’s Sweet Equipment

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what delectable bakery goods are you whipping up for the holiday? Are you envisioning sweets like donuts or cookies? Or how about heart-shaped loaves of bread?

Any of the above could only be improved by equipment from Belshaw, a high-quality player in the bakery industry for more than 100 years. Belshaw offers donut fryers, donut production equipment, bakery ovens, and break makeup lines. Click below to learn more.

Belshaw Equipment Types

  • Donut Systems: Donut Robot®, Open Kettle,Insider Ventless, and more

  • Bread: Adamatic Bread & Roll and Mono Bread Plants

  • Ovens: Convection Ovens and Deck Ovens

  • Mixers: Esmach Spiral Mixers, Esmach Self-Tipping Mixers, and 10-20 Quart Mixers


Brand Spotlight: Belshaw

We’ve Got You Covered, Midwest

LFED headquarters is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan; however, we service 11 states in the Midwest! (For those keeping track, that’s just two states shy of a baker’s dozen!) We have food retail wholesalers and authorized resellers in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Use the handy tool featured on our website to find the sales representative based on where you live!

Industry News & Tips

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Investing in high-quality food industry equipment will deliver high-quality results. What kind of results do you ask? The kind that delivers quality, consistency, efficiency, safety, and healthier profit margins for business owners. Did we mention that your customers, the lifeblood of your business, will have greater satisfaction, too?

Stop wasting your time and money and don’t put your brand at risk. Invest in high-quality food industry equipment from LFED. Stew on our advice, weigh your options, and marinade on the approachable post, The Benefits of Investing in High-Quality Kitchen Equipment, from Minebook.

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